How to Block EVERYONE, except those on white list.
The Function of the Rangenet Spam filter can be completely changed to ONLY allow you to get emails from people in your white-list. This is Completely different from the normal function, and should only be used if you fully understand what it will do. You will NEVER get any email from anyone "new" unless you first add their email to your white list. It works good as a last-resort to spam, but can be difficult to manage if you have new people emailing you.

To Use: Edit spam filter like normal, enter the word EVERYONE in the blacklist, just like that, all uppercase, nothing else. Be sure to fill the whitelist with any and all people that you want to get email from.

To Stop: You will need to uninstall the spam filter if you decide to stop using it like this. Wait a few minutes and then re-install it following the normal instructions.
Thanks, Rangenet Team